Daisy Ducati lives in San Francisco, California, and has always had the kind of wild, adventurous spirit that puts someone on the map! Confident and self-assured Daisy was raised to be an independent woman, and she's definitely accomplished that so far in her life.

The thing that Daisy discovered through living her dreams, was that during sex play she loved to relinquish control and let someone else tell her what to do. As an adult film actress this has led her to the doorstep of some pretty intense action, particularly the scenes found at Insex On Demand.

Daisy is a self-described go-getter who knows how to use her body for the most pleasure. When she gives herself to her Dom partners she hands over complete control and strives to be a good obedient submissive. Her willingness to submit and be disciplined is evident in her performances as she is bound, caned, violated and treated like a filthy whore.

Keen to prove her value as a sub, Daisy endures some rough bondage at the hands of various Dom partners, some women and some men. In one scene she is subjected to a savage hogtie binding that suspends her from the ceiling, wrists and ankles bound together making her body contort into the unnatural position that gives full access to every single one of her holes. Her Dom partner exploits her position and grabs her long curly scarlet colored hair with both hands and stuffs his thick cock to the back of her throat, thrusting roughly and extra deep so that Daisy is choking and gagging on her own drool.

She's hot and she knows how to be owned. Even while being dominated Daisy has great style and grace. It's little wonder she keeps being invited to return for more wild submissive scenes.